My logo pays tribute to the typefaces that inspired me to get into design in the first place, here is the breakdown of how and why.

‘B’ Didot: The first logo that caught my eye and made me understand the choices a designer makes was when I saw the Vogue Magazine logo, I loved its grace, it was elegant and timeless, and I remember thinking it encompassed everything I wanted to be when I grew up. There was something so perfect about how it sat on the cover, the space in between each letter, and the balance of it all. It was regal and it meant Luxury.

‘i’ Courier: This is my step-dad's preferred font, he ran a very successful design agency in London for many years, included my brother and I in his projects and always asked us for our opinions. He got me thinking about design and type and the why’s, the why’s with regard to everything... without him I certainly wouldn’t have found my passion for design, this is just one simple way to say thank you.

‘R’ and ‘d’ Gill Sans and Perpetua: Eric Gill - What more really needs to be said? This is a man who created in my mind the most beautiful typefaces, etchings and incredible sculptures. Eric Gill you rock!! OK, his personal life left a little to be desired (understatement!), I am only in awe of his work.

‘,’ Helvetica:  I love Helvetica because of what it represents, it was revolutionary when crafted, it took type from a crowded place full of questions and turned it into a clear, clean space punctuated by statement.